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1-You are a NY process server with a physical address.

2-You have an official Web site and contact telephone numbers.

3- You are duly licensed, registered or allowed to practice within the state where you effect service.

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Process Serving Requirements and Rules for New York City
Getting Legal Papers Served in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island

Requirements for Service of Process

In order to have your court papers served,  you must follow certain rules:

1-    The person who serves the summons/complaint/petition or any type of other legal document  must be 18 years or older and he/she must not be a person listed in the
court papers as defendant or plaintiff  (A party).

2-    Any person of suitable age and discretion can serve court papers but he/she cannot serve over five cases per year. If you serve more than five cases per year       
you must obtain a process server license from the City of New York. If serving court papers in New York City it is mandatory to possess a license from the New York  City      
Department of Consumers Affairs. If serving legal papers on Long Island you must be licensed by the counties of Nassau or Suffolk. As per new rules and law recently
approved by the Council of the City of New York, all New York City process servers must go to process serving school, pass a test, be bonded and carry a GPS device.

It May Be Better to Hire a Licensed Process Server

You case could be dismissed, vacated or  delayed (adjourned) if improper service of process is effected. For example if you send a friend to effect service and he does not
know the procedures, you may be forced to refile your case. Every professional process server must know  the procedures, the deadlines and rules for process serving in
Nassau County, Kings County, Queens County and Suffolk County. Indeed there are attorneys who have lost cases because of poor process service (Doing the job
themselves or failing to follow the rules or misrepresenting facts).

All New York Professional Process Servers Must:

  •   Have a current license issued by the County of Nassau. County of Suffolk or New York City Department of Consumers Affairs. Never use a process server in            
New York City if  he cannot produce a license.
  •   Have knowledge of the process serving procedures and the rules for serving process in New York
  •   Keep detailed records of all process service activities (Forms to register information about recipients of process: Description, time, place, etc)
  •  Have access to a computerized system that  enables production of forms, records and affidavits of service to adapt to each individual case, court, and         
  •  Know the geographical area covered
  • Provide some type of contract (in writing or orally) as to how much service will cost and when service will take place, with assurances that the client is dealing with a  
duly licensed New York process server who will fulfill his role professionally by respecting both defendant's and plaintiff's privacy and other rights.
Brooklyn, NY Legal Process Servers Serving New York City Professionally.
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Brooklyn, NY Legal Process Servers Serving New York City Professionally.
Brooklyn Process Server
Tel. 718-277-2968 Fax. 347-295-0244