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7.Guarantee and Extra Fees. SSJD assures you that it will do every reasonable effort to render the services you are paying for. If it is not possible to do so, the only remedy you will demand and receive from SSJD is a full refund of the fees you paid, provided that you gave correct information to SSJD when you placed your order for process service in NYC (E,g.: You supplied Defendant's correct address and name). If , after 60 days you have not paid for services rendered by SSJD, a late fee of $35.00 will be added to the total amount due to SSJD.

8. Wrong or Incorrect Addresses. If you provide an incorrect or wrong address for Respondent or Defendant or any other recipient of process, you will be charged in full for process service. We will only offer free additional attempts at another New York City address only in case you get an additional address for us to serve process.We are not responsible for locating recipients of process. By signing below you agree to provide correct addresses and to repay for process if you fail to send us where we are likely to find Defendant or process service recipient. No refunds will be issued if you fail to provide correct information that can lead the process server to effect service (E.g. if you do not give apartment number, defendant's gender or if you provide a fictitious address)

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Service Terms  
Licensed process servers for all the Counties of New York City: License # 2067123
New York City process server
You Order. We Serve.

All process serving jobs
in New York City
effected by Registered
Process Servers.

Fee for any job effected
anywhere in the City:  
$75.00 per Defendant.

All Notarized affidavits
of service are free.

Full refund given to you
if process service is not
done (If you provided
Defendant's correct
address)  Guaranteed..
Brooklyn, NY Legal Process Servers Serving New York City Professionally.
Brooklyn Process Server
Tel. 718-277-2968 Fax. 347-295-0244
Brooklyn, NY Legal Process Servers Serving New York City Professionally.
Brooklyn Process Server
Tel. 718-277-2968 Fax. 347-295-0244